‚ÄčAre you waiting for a prospective buyer to have your home inspected? If so, there are some things that you need to do to prepare your home for an inspection.

1. Utilities should all be on- electric, gas and water. All pilots should be lit. If it is not operational, it cannot be inspected.
2. Keys should be available for all locks on doors, access panels, gates, etc.
3. Doors and access panels must have free access and not blocked by furniture or other belongings. These include electric panels, attic access panels and ladders, water heater, HVAC systems, crawl spaces etc.
4. Shower stalls, tubs and sinks should be free of belongings, so that these can be properly inspected.
5. If possible, free windows and doors from blockage.
6. Secure or board your pets.
7. Inform occupants of house prior to inspection, so that necessary arrangements can be made as not to disturb them.
8. Leave instructions for unusual technical items- remote HVAC systems, etc.
9. Please note locations of hidden access panels or systems, ie, crawl space access, well heads, septic location, etc
10. Leave a phone number of someone that can answer questions about the home that will be available during the inspection.

Remember, if it cannot be accessed, it cannot be inspected. If you have not occupied the property, try to get a list from previous occupants as to anything that is not in working order, so that these items and issues can be considered when the house is inspected. If an item is broken and not vital to the regular function of the home, and you do not intend to replace it; remove it. For example, if there is a broken trash compactor (not vital) and you do not want to replace it, you might want to remove it.
It is always a great idea to get a pre-listing inspection, so you know what to expect before your buyers bring theirs. Call us for a free quote and consultation (405)227-5030 or fill out your information on the quote section. We can visit with you about what will best fit your needs.


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